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It is a foregone conclusion that the foundation is the most important structural element of any home or business, an element which can have devastating consequences if it fails or is damaged in any way. To that end it is of the utmost importance to make sure that your foundation is properly maintained, and that any problems or issues with the foundation are identified and addressed as soon as possible.

The foundation supports the weight of a structure, and the most common issues regarding this area include damage as a result of the property settling, walls bowing, and cracks forming in the walls or the flooring. All of these are a problem that can quickly become more severe if left alone, up to and including threats to the structural integrity of the home itself. The good news is that every one of these problems can be repaired using the latest industry innovations in tools and procedures.

Of course, the best defense is always a good offense, and with that in mind, you want to consider having your foundation inspected every so often by a trained consultant who can spot potential problems before they have the chance to be fruitful and multiply.

At PlatinumCare Foundation Repair, all of our service technicians have been properly educated, trained and certified in all areas of foundation restoration and repair, and they undergo continuous training to keep them up to date with all of the latest industry advances. We have performed thousands of repairs just like yours, using time-tested repair techniques that produce results, and the most obvious beneficiary of this experience is you. In most cases, repair work can be completed within a few days, with little to no disruption of your normal routine, and we offer the most competitive pricing structure in the industry, allowing us to offer more bang for your buck than any of our direct competitors. Your project begins with a free, no haggle, no obligation inspection.

Professional Foundation Repair Aurora Illinois

You may be asking “How exactly do I know if I have a foundation problem?” Well, there are a number of visual clues, any one of which may signal an issue with your home’s foundation. Cracked brickwork and caulking is a sure sign that somewhere, something has shifted. Things are no longer in alignment, and those long-running cracks are the single most obvious visual clue. Uneven flooring is another sign since floors by their very nature should be flat and level. Any deviation means that somewhere, there is a defect in the foundation below.

Foundation problems also manifest themselves through gaps under your baseboards as well as cracks in drywall and ceilings. In many cases, your doors and windows may not shut properly, or may not shut at all, another clear indication that the proper alignment of the home has been knocked out of kilter.

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    Exterior clues to a dysfunctional foundation include the chimney pulling away from the house, leaving wide cracks that could produce serious leaks into the upper levels of the home. The concrete around the foundation may be sunken and depressed, indicating a shift within the surrounding landscape that may have put stress on the foundation.

    PlatinumCare Foundation Repair uses an innovative procedure known as Crack Injections for fast, efficient, and long-lasting foundation repair. Crack Injection seeks out any and all voids in the foundation structure and fills them right down to the soil, using a professional grade waterproofing agent designed to keep moisture out of your home or business foundation permanently.

    It is important to remember that foundation problems that allow moisture to gain access to the structure inevitably means more serious long-term problems such as Radon Gas (the #1 cause of lung cancer in non-smokers), dust mites (the #1 indoor allergen), as well as unhealthy basement and crawlspace air which sets the stage for mold and mildew growth which can present any number of health hazards to you, your family, and pets. Crack Injection is one of the newest innovations in the restoration industry, and currently used to protect more than a quarter of a million homes!

    For over two decades, PlatinumCare Foundation Repair has provided Sugar Grove and surrounding communities with the absolute best in waterproofing and foundation repair service. Owner Robert Michalec is a firm believer in conducting business the old-fashioned way, based on integrity, quality of work, thorough professionalism, and the highest standard of customer service and satisfaction. We offer a full roster of repair services that are designed to handle both residential and commercial applications, and all of our work is backed by the best guarantee in the repair industry. You can reach our office at 331-208-5600, or through email at

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    We provide the best cleaning services at affordable prices to clients in the Northern Illinois area including Aurora, Naperville, Elgin, Bolingbrook, Sugar Grove, and the surrounding areas.


    We provide the best cleaning services at affordable prices to clients in the Northern Illinois area including Aurora, Naperville, Elgin, Bolingbrook, Sugar Grove, and the surrounding areas.


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