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If your home doesn’t have a full on basement, the chances are very good that you do at least have a crawl space, an area built with vents that allow outdoor elements to enter the area. Some crawl spaces may also be used for limited storage, although this is not recommended. Crawl spaces are also vulnerable to problems that are created by excess moisture, odors, gases, as well as unwelcome guests such as wild animal and birds that may take refuge within the space. Indoor air pollution is a serious matter according to the Environmental Protection Agency, and individuals breathing unhealthy air originating from a crawl space may be placed at risk for any number of health issues. Up to 50% of the air in your home can come from below grade, which means it is of utmost importance to make sure that your crawl space structure is dry and safe.

Crawl space leaks are the most common problem, and even though you may rarely, if ever, venture into your crawl space, you still don’t want this sort of problem hanging around. Stagnant water means unpleasant odors as well as the eventual growth of mold.

At PlatinumCare Foundation Repair, we offer a number of successful fixes to your crawl space problems, including perma-seal encapsulation systems that can turn your crawl space area into a sealed, safe, and healthy indoor environment. Crawl space liners are attached at the foundation and sealed at every seam, creating a solid barrier between your crawl space and the air flowing under the home. Coupled with drain tiles and sump pump setups, it eliminates stagnant water and the threat of mold, mildew, and other dangerous toxins.

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Crawlspace Mold Repairs Aurora Illinois

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    Encapsulation also has practical applications such as the reduction of energy bills, humidity levels, relative moisture content, as well as adding some substantial resale value to your property. Other benefits include the locking out of allergy inducing dust particles and the creation of additional storage space that is actually safe to use.

    Beware of companies whose idea of a fix is to seal your crawl space by pumping concrete right in over the dirt. This ill-advised approach has a nasty habit of delivering 300 gallons of water for every 1000 feet of floor area, resulting in excess moisture being absorbed into your floor joists and adding to the already high humidity and moisture levels within the home. Wet joists can also become extremely unstable, putting the stability of your property at risk.

    Crawlspace Mold Repairs Aurora Illinois

    Our team of service providers has been properly trained and certified in all areas of crawl space repair and restoration, and we have the necessary experience in both commercial and residential scenarios, which means that there is no job we can’t handle, whether it is for a small, one bedroom home, or a large, multileveled corporate office, we have the tools and techniques that are needed to get the job done right the first time through.

    Beware of shady or fly by night operations that try to sell their services on the basis of price alone. The integrity of your home or business is nothing to cut corners with, and slipshod work may only result in having the same job performed again later on to correct what wasn’t done right the first time. We have the training, tools, and high grade materials needed to address all of your crawlspace problems, much faster and more efficiently than any of our direct competition.

    For over two decades, PlatinumCare Foundation Repair has provided Sugar Grove and surrounding communities with the absolute best in water proofing and foundation repair service. Owner Robert Michalec is a firm believer in conducting business the old fashioned way, based on integrity, quality of work, thorough professionalism, and the highest standard of customer service and satisfaction. We offer a full roster of repair services that are designed to handle both residential and commercial applications, and all of our work is backed by the best guarantee in the repair industry. You can reach our office at (331) 218-3734, or through email at

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