What to do after a catastrophe in the home is common.  Getting over the initial shock, questions then arise as to what needs to be done.  This answer depends on two major factors: fire or water damage.  Each one requires different approaches to clean up and restoration.

These are two different types of damage, and each damage type has several different elements that need addressing.  Each one has its own set of complications and needs, but even so, there are some similarities that deserve some discussion.

Firstly, there is the question of containment.  Water damage, naturally, will need considerable more containment than fire, inspection of the damage done and a plan to help the homeowner get back into their home as soon as possible.  Lastly, there is a degree of empathy necessary to share with the homeowner, but more on that later in the blog.  Meanwhile, here are the differences between the two types of damage.

  • FIRE – The first thing to be aware of with a fire is containment and safety. Making sure the fire is completely out and safe to enter the residence is paramount.  The rest of the work, mostly securing the building with boards and sealing external holes can start.  Salvaged items can be removed from the home and taken off-site for cleaning.  Crews can then start the necessary demolition and reconstruction.
  • WATER – Water loss also requires safety, but there is often the question of standing water that must be addressed before moving forward with cleanup. Contents need to be packed up and removed before drying equipment can be brought in for the restoration process.  Depending on the category of damage, 2 or 3, carpet, padding and some drywall may have to come out before complete restoration can officially begin.

As you see, fire and water damage are different, but there is the remaining similarity of empathy with the homeowner that is yet discussed.  We at Platinum Care Cleaning understand and empathize with the shock the homeowner is likely facing and do whatever it takes to get them back into their home with all speed.

Do you need carpet cleaning or have had a catastrophe at your home?  Contact us immediately if you do; we look forward to helping you.

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