There is no doubt that having your regularly scheduled carpet cleaning from Platinum Care Cleaning has helped keep your carpets looking as good as the day they were installed.  We want you to keep your carpets in the best possible shape, and your decision for regular carpet care has been the best solution.  This month we are going to look at ways to help us help you – what can you do when you have scheduled carpet cleaning services.

Vacuum – Chances are you do this on a regular basis.  Regular vacuuming will help keep the carpet looking good and neat.  While you are at it, be sure to clean the baseboards in addition.  We can get the areas up next to the baseboards, but you will need to clean them up.

Spots and stains – Mark off with tape or make a note for us to check your stains and spots.  Chances are we have the correct equipment to knock those out quickly and easily.  Just let us know, and we can get those taken care of.

This and that – You probably have a fair number of knick knacks, lamps and other pieces that rest on your furniture.  Be sure to get these out of the way for us.  We got the heavy furniture under control.  We just need a bit of support for the rest of it.

Moving cars – We have to get close to the house for the equipment.  Moving cars away from the doors and access points mean we can get in and out quickly.  It may be a brief inconvenience, but it is one we have to have to clean your carpets.

Outside water – We do need access to the spigots.  Let us know ahead of time where they are, even if we come on a regular basis.  We have plenty of hoses and connections to get the work done.  Just point us in the right direction, and we will handle it from there.

Make plans – Do you need to run errands or take a pet to the vet?  Today is a great day.  We don’t want to stress pets any more than necessary, so getting them out of the house is the best solution for you while we are cleaning your carpets.

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