Water damage has different levels, classes, that are measured by the amount of damage done.  Each level increases in severity, and it is always a good idea to have Platinum Care Cleaning come and take care of any water damage you may incur.  Do not think you can take care of water damage alone; leave it to the professionals.  Call us, your friends at Platinum Care Cleaning.

Water damage can be summed up into for distinct levels or classifications.  Each one increases the severity of the water damage.

CLASS ONE – If you have a small amount of water damage in a very isolated area in the home or business, this is Class One damage.  There will be minimal moisture with the carpet being damp and not soaked.

CLASS TWO – Most times that people consider water damage, this is what they think of.  Class two normally covers an entire room.  There will be noticeable water damage up the sides of the wall, and the water damage can rise up to two feet.

CLASS THREE – If you have had a ceiling collapse from water damage, then you have seen Class Three damage.  This damage will have deep saturation across the entire room and likely on more than one wall.

CLASS FOUR – Those times you have seen or heard about a basement flooding is Class Four damage.  This is exceptionally dangerous and difficult for homeowners, which is especially why you should contact a professional who will have the correct tools to deal with this extensive water damage.

The water categories are separate from the classification system.  Any category of water can fall into a class and vice versa.  Here are the three categories of water.

ONE – This is likely sanitary water and will hold little to no danger to anyone or anything.  Contact, ingestion or inhalation of water will be generally safe.  This does not mean it will remain safe.  Care needs to be taken the entire time.

TWO – There is some contamination and possible pathogens in the water.  It is significant enough to cause some discomfort and sickness.  There is a strong chance of some microorganisms, organic or inorganic matter in the water.

THREE – This is significantly dangerous water.  Imagine untreated sewage water, and this is Category three.  There is real potential for sickness – even from contact.

Regardless of the water damage or category, do not try to take care of the water damage yourself.  There is always a chance you will not get 100 percent of the water, and the damage will become more severe.  Call us; let the professionals with Platinum Care Cleaning take care of your water damage for you.

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