There is something on the carpet, and the immediate response is to call it a spot.  This is technically true.  What may look as a spot may actually be a stain.  Stains or spots aside, they are certainly something to be taken care of and done so quickly.  We at PlatinumCare Cleaning are ready and willing to come to your home and treat your spots and stains with the same equipment and team you have grown to know and love.

Spots and stains both start as the same thing – an accident on the carpet.  Most people recognize both and deal with them quickly.  This still does not address the main question: What is the difference between a spot and a stain?  Read on to find out.

Spot – This is a spill, like previously stated, but there is no chemical change in the carpet that changes the color of the carpet.  Dirt, grass and common organic materials brought in from outside as well as liquid spills from colas, water, wine etc. are quick and easy to clean.  This is not a substitute for a professional cleaning job from the professionals at PlatinumCare Cleaning.  Of course, clean up the spill quickly, but let us know when we come to clean your carpets.

Stains – A stain will cause some degree of damage to the carpet fibers by discoloration.  Oils, for example, are notorious for damaging color on carpet fibers.  Most commercially available carpet is often a by product of petroleum, so it makes sense this happens.  A stain will often not reveal itself until it is soiled with a stain making material like dirt.  Once there is a stain, it is very hard to remove it without professional care.

A stain, if allowed to sit and set, will not be easily cleaned with even the best professional carpet cleaning equipment.  The stain has permanently changed the color of the carpet, and there is nothing that can be done as a consequence.

The main difference in the spot and stain is in the carpet’s color.  Looking carefully at the fibers of the carpet will let you know if it is a spot or a stain.  Spots will not effect the color of the carpet, and stains will.

No matter if it a spot or a stain, PlatinumCare Cleaning is more than happy to come to you and take care of spots and stains with equal treatment and the best service in the industry.

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