Life.  It happens.  Daily in fact.  We at Platinum Care Cleaning understand because we have families and lives outside of carpet care. Accidents and spills happen, and with accidents and spills come odors. You can keep odors at a minimum with a bit of detective work and scheduled cleanings with your partner at Platinum Care Cleaning.

You need the three step process.  It is:

  • Prevent
  • Identify
  • Fix – we handle this part for you.

Let’s take a look at each of the steps in some close detail.


The best way to keep odors out of a carpet is to keep accidents from the carpet. This means a few simple rules that everyone needs to follow at all times. Simple rules, like eat only in the kitchen and dining areas.

Water damage, any kind for that matter, can cause its own set of problems. Standing water can cause mold and bacteria to set in. This causes serious problems for your home and family if not properly dried.

The family pet can be a problem as well.  Pet accidents happen, but you can keep pets clean when coming in from outside. Paws and fur should be cleaned before coming into the carpet.


It smells. It does not take rocket science to run down the smell’s origin. Here are the questions to ask.

  • Do you have pets;
  • Do pets come to the carpeted areas;
  • Do the pets go outside;
  • Are you aware of accidents?

Homes that do not have pets can consider the following questions and use them with the pet questions.

  • Any recent spills;
  • How long before the spill was noticed;
  • Did someone clean the spill completely;
  • Who walks on the carpet with shoes;
  • Did the carpet suffer any recent damage;
  • When was the last time Platinum Care Cleaning came to your home?


The origin of the odor discovered, it is time for Platinum Care Cleaning to come in and do our thing. We will take care of the odor in short order and get the smell from your carpet and out of your home. Regular cleaning scheduled with Platinum Care Cleaning is the best bet for you and your carpet’s longevity. We will come to your home on a regular basis and keep your carpets looking as good as they did when first installed.

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