It is slow to show, silent and most importantly, one of the most deadly infestations in a home.  Many do not realize it is there until it is too late, and when they do find it, it is very difficult to remove.

It is Stachybotrys chartarum – black mold.

The mold feeds on organic materials in the home, so anything made from wood, carpet, drywall, insulation and the like can grow, harbor and propagate black mold.  The spores that carry the mold are what can cause such as serious health problem.

Mold spores affect the body via inhalation, and those who have allergies often find themselves with increased sensitivity.  This brings about respiratory problems; some of which can be dangerous.

Many common symptoms include cough, sneezing, eye trouble and mucosal membrane problems.  More serious issues include chronic fatigue and headaches.  One the most serious end, hospitalization has been necessary.

The seriousness of black mold cannot be overlooked.  Removal of black mold often requires someone who is both skilled and possesses the equipment necessary for black mold removal.  PlatinumCare Cleaning has everything needed to clean and remove black mold from the home.  Even a small amount of black mold left behind can lead to the mold returning in earnest and necessitate a second cleaning.

Correct cleaning of black mold means partitioning off the area, wearing protective clothing and using professional grade cleaning materials. Often, the mold starts as a leak or accumulation of moisture, so having a professional plumber come out and check for any leaks as well.  PlatinumCare Cleaning has everything needed to clean up black mold and more importantly, helping keep the mold from returning again.

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