Mold is all around us.  It is in bathrooms, kitchens and is more than likely a minor problem for most people.  We never really consider mold outside of a few store-bought cleaners that take care of the problem quickly and efficiently.  The recent hurricanes, however, have left behind water that brings with it the more severe and dangerous black mold – Stachybotrys chartarum or Stachybotrys atra.

Black mold often appears on walls and pipes and has a greenish-black, fuzzy look.  Exposure to black mold can be hazardous, with common symptoms being headaches, dizziness, coughing and even more severe symptoms like UTI’s, asthma attacks and memory loss.  The most severe is respiratory bleeding – something that can be fatal in infants.

Black mold can take hold anywhere that humidity is high enough to allow the mold to make a foothold.  Flooding and water damage are the most common times the mold appears.  Even when the water is gone, there is still a chance the mold has settled in, and damage is done.

Black mold often has a strong odor, and this is how the mold is first discovered more times than not.  Discovery of the mold is the first step – its removal is an entirely different story.

Many people think that it is better to clean the mold themselves and save themselves the expense of a professional job.  This is not a right decision for any reason.  Black mold is very hazardous.  Having all of the right protection, breathing apparatus, cleaners and the proper techniques to keep the mold from returning is all necessary for the protection of the family and home.

We at Platinum Care Cleaning are experienced with black mold.  We have the professional grade equipment, personal protection and preventative components necessary not only to beat the mold back but also to keep the mold from returning.  Trying to take care of black mold yourself means the mold can come back and return even stronger than before.  Leave black mold to the professionals.

If you think you have black mold infestation or have recently had significant water damage, be sure to contact your friends at Platinum Care Cleaning so we can come to your home and perform an initial inspection.

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