If you notice paint peeling in the basement, it is likely time to repaint it. We all want to cut corners when we paint or remodel a home, and it only makes sense that the basement be an excellent place to attempt to cut some corners here and there.

Turns out your basement is probably the last place you will want to cut corners when it comes to a remodel of any sort. Repainting the basement is a common fix, and most people will immediately want to use waterproof paint. This paint provides a barrier between moisture and water penetrating the surface and causing trouble in the basement.

Waterproof paint is cheap. You can apply it yourself, but it is best to let a professional like your friends at Platinum Care Cleaning to do it for you. While it sounds great, there are some drawbacks to using waterproof paint.

Peeling paint is not something that is simple when it comes to a basement. It is a sign there is moisture in the basement, and waterproof paint is good only for the short term. Even waterproof paint will start to peel again, so there has to be a better solution.

Keeping moisture out of the basement is important, and long term solutions are more important than cosmetics. Here are a few suggestions we at Platinum Care Cleaning can do to help keep moisture from building up in your basement.

Vapor barriers – These are installed along walls to keep moisture from seeping through and wreaking havoc on the interior walls.

Drain tile – Drain tile keeps the water from the soil outside from getting into the basement. This keeps the walls dry and away from the basement.

Dehumidifier – Platinum Care Cleaning can install a dehumidifier in the basement to keep the humidity down.

We all would like to have quick and simple solutions when it comes to our basements, and Platinum Care Cleaning can help you find the perfect solution to peeling paint quickly and within a personal budget. Contact us if you have questions or concerns about your basement or any home improvement we specialize in. We look forward to working with you.

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