Being a renter: it can be very frustrating as it is time to handle repairs or maintenance issues. Do you require permission to make changes and repairs? Who pays? Who do you contact if permission is not granted or severe problems are not handled by the landlord? Those are a few of the questions you might have if you see black mold inside your apartment. As a renter, you might be restricted as to the measures you’re able to take without the landlord’s permission, yet below are a few actions to take to get the ball rolling.

Who’s Responsible for a Black Mold Infestation?

The laws concerning tenant/landlord rights vary from one state to another; therefore, it is critical that you become familiar with the laws within your state. With that being said, there’s a rule of thumb which applies in the majority of regions: The landlord would carry the responsibility for black mold remediation unless the black mold resulted in the tenant’s lack or care or negligence. In that instance, the tenant would be held responsible.

Convenient, Fast Mold Remediation

Landlords usually like our services over traditional options for mold remediation for many reasons, which include:

  • We adhere to InterNACHI- and EPA-approved business practices
  • We provide a re-application guarantee
  • PlatinumCare Cleaning and Restoration does not utilize harsh chemicals and our products are safe if used as instructed
  • We’re able to quickly treat the property, and tenants are able to return the same day
  • Our cost of mold removal is a lot less than additional methods
  • We’ll work closely with property managers to keep their apartment units odor-free and mold free; therefore, we know the special difficulties faced while extracting mold from rental units
  • Our technicians and mold inspectors are certified and highly trained

If you see indications of mold inside your apartment, immediately call your landlord to get the process started on remediation, as well as restoring your home’s clean, fresh air. Have the landlord give PlatinumCare Cleaning and Restoration a call right now to learn more on our environmentally-preferred, EPA-registered solutions.

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